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Since 2018, Xpanda has been working on the question of how augmented reality can be used for education at different levels. We accompany you with our studies and help to find the right solution for schools, adult education and companies.

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Project management

Xpanda offers you the complete service for publishers and companies to position your products in the field of education. Due to the close cooperation with PH's and universities as well as adult education we can fall back on a broad network.

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We develop suitable AR contents for you which fit to your company. Be it the 3D representation of a complex engine or the implementation of learning videos as a green screen element. We also accompany you here from A-Z.

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Documentation Xpanda

With the technology of Augmented Reality (AR) we are able to access information in a new way. Reality is extended with images, videos or 3D models. In addition to real perception, the user can project further information onto the screen using a smartphone or tablet and - what makes AR so special - interact in real time. With AR, the user maintains the connection with the real world, in contrast to Virtual Reality (VR) technology, where the outside world is completely hidden by closed safety glasses.
Mathematical tours

With Augmented Reality out of the classroom! We work with you on an interactive tour with quiz and AR content.

Binary codes

We don't just bring pictures to life. We are currently working on the development of round binary codes which are extremely stable and form the bridge between digital and offline.

3D Content

Animated skeletons, motors showing the inner life or a complex representation of a heart. We help you with the implementation of 3D content.

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